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Close the door

I don’t need you to love me
I don’t need you to make me live
I don’t need you to provide
I don’t want you to give
I just want you to listen
To hear what’s in your heart
I just want you to feel
The feelings we feel
when we are together
when we are apart
I don’t want you to tell me you can
Because I know that you will not
I don’t want to hear that forgiveness is impossible.
I know that its the only way to set me free.



Intense dreams, I want to scream. What the hell does it all mean? It’s scary and serine. Crazy ideas, coming from Completely, unexpected places. With lovely have-familiar faces, but trapped, in subconscious suitcases. What is destiny? What is fate? Did I just not peg the right soul mate? What the hell should I do, now I’m broken in two, I’m asleep and awake, Over one little date Over a year ago now. How much is chance? How much is choice? Did I fuck it all up or is going after it not even a choice It’s not very clear, But I hear a voice, inside of me say, just follow your dreams and you’ll wake up some day, it will all be ok.

One love


This is a message I sent to someone I know very well but I share it with the world because it is a universal message.

One people, one world, one love.

Strength is admitting where you were weak. Courage is doing what you should even when it hurts or you are faced with fear. Faith is knowing the difference between destiny and choice. And love is strength, courage and faith. And loving (and forgiving) and having understanding for your enemies and those who wrong you is divine. Stop avoiding your inner self,  (face hurt and fear and move forward). Be strong, courageous and faithful and loving and don’t just tell yourself you are. Show it to everyone you encounter. Positive thoughts, actions and words. (We all have the power to do great things for ourselves and humanity- we all just need the conviction to get out of our own way).

Be smart, brave and kind in this world people. It’s not always easy, but one love.


I am not sorry that it’s over.

I am not sorry that it’s done.

You are not my hero.

My heart you have not won.

When I needed you,

You were nowhere to be found.

You took my happily ever after

And smashed it into the ground.

I am writing my own story,

It’s not a fairy tale it’s true,

But I had to start somewhere

Now that we are finally thru.

I can’t believe I was so silly.

I can’t believe I was so blind.

I wish I could go back,

And just hit a button called rewind.

I should have known better than to believe

That you could change your state of mind.

I should have listened to my friends

That said leave him behind.

So now I have learned all my lessons,

I have learned many of them twice,

Sweetly you salted all of the wounds,

That was so very nice.


Living life like we are in the Promised Land,

Not realizing the stakes at hand,

We through our cares away,

Worry about things another day,

But change is already here and near,

We must not wait, but fear; Mass consuming so rapid and fast.

We can not think that it could possibly last.

To live the lives that we lead,

And co-exist with the world we need.

Not caring about preservation for tomorrow,

Leaving depletion, pollution, and sorrow

We destroy the things that we need the most,

Think technology is the wave to coast,

But the heart of the matter lies with You and with me

The future is for us to make and see,

If we don’t rearrange our way of life,

Our planet as we know it will be in strife,

Much like a body cures itself of sickness,

Old Mother Earth too will clean herself of ugliness,

To ourselves we must not lie,

We can’t start all over,

but we can try To do our best to pure the earth,

And treat our home for what’s it worth.

Would you stash waste and rumble on your lawn?

Give our home to the future with a new dawn,

Bequest generations a nice place to live and be,

The people who we are: so lucky and free.

And to live life righteously and do your best,

Regardless of the efforts from the rest.
Our planet is our home for a short time to hold,

However Earth herself is so subliminally old,

Her story is a roller-coaster ride to be told

Her love, affection, and health can’t be sold So start your own revolution.

Be Bold!

And she’ll allow us humans to have a home to hold

The last conversation on parenting

Public voice, or private?

It’s really hard to say.

The fine line between the two,

are more blurred every day.

Not much else can help.

Thinking I cursed myself.

Heart hanging on a shelf.

Be careful what you wish for,

more or less.

I just wanted your love.

And for you to be well.

This is not the story,

I wanted to tell.

I’m sorry baby girl.

I don’t know,

what else to say

but addiction has taken

daddy away.

He was sick.

He went missing.

He went astray,

and was found on

Valentine’s day.

I’m so sorry.

He fell upon

a final frozen gate,

meeting a selfish fate,

making all our hearts break.

Every hour begs the question;

To the rhyme or reason,

for this earthly treason.

A young future – so bright!


Because you lack;




We have to believe

that this is all just

what was meant to be.

You are never coming back,

but we are still a family.

But still I am so alone with

my thoughts,

my baby girl-

who is the center

of my world.

Maybe after 5 years,

I am just still grieving.

And in too much of a hurry,

to bury,

the ashes, ashes, ashes.

I need you to be strong.

I need you to carry on.

You were right.

I was wrong.

But death

by addiction

is not the

end of your song.

Please be practical.

Please be wise.

Towards your disposition,

I can empathize.

I’m very sorry,

I had to leave in this way.

it was never my intentions

to die on that day.

You have time on your side,

To find the words,

 that are right,

to share with our girls

about that last night.

Don’t worry yourself

too much today,

when the time is right.

you will know

just what to say.

I’m so sorry,

it was not, a great time to go.

But please for us all

let the sorrow go.

Wishing me well,

was not a cruise,

that you

bestowed upon me.

Live your life.

Be happy.

Be free.

I love you all forever.

But I bid my farewell,

 to you my family.

You are gone,

from this physical world,

but always so alive in my heart.

The memory of you,

will never part.

Don’t worry,

I’ll figure out just what

to say.

When the darling girl

asks someday.

Thank you for saying this

tune is not the end of my song.

We will carry your love all along.

I will try to find comfort

that your pain is gone.

Rest easy now,

my ice angel.