Breaking the silence

Secretes have power. They can be positive once in a while but more often then not concealment is designed to hide the truth and avoiding the truth can be toxic. Breaking the silence of the secrete can release the pain associated with memory and start the process of healing and reconciliation.  Here is a secrete of mine, I have low self esteem. It likely began with rejection early in life. It wrecks havoc on life daily. I am at war with the thoughts in my head. I have this audio that replays in my head that goes like this;  I am good enough (for whatever), that my accomplishments are never enough (for whoever), that no one will ever love me (why would they I don’t love myself) and that no matter what I do to try to stop this bad recording, I fall into a trap of this belief that I can’t change my situation. My issue with low self esteem is that it doesn’t get better from someone telling you, its not true. I believe in the power of healing. My hope is that I can heal myself. I want control of my head space back. I want to return to a place of self confidence and all of the abundance that sort of mentality brings. 


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