School of Hard Knocks

Learning from our mistakes is easier said than done. None of us are perfect. Anyone who thinks they are, will be eventually and inevitably be placed in a situation where their perception of their perfection will be mercilessly crushed. In this framework it’s best to admit that we are in fact human. We can and will make mistakes. Some of us may make the same mistake more than once.

My universal empathy factor is that we are all just doing the best we can at that time.  This ideal however comes with a price to pay, and that price is knowing that improvement is always possible. The topic of making mistakes and learning lessons leads us to forgiveness. When you “f up” eventually at least we hope, we tend to experience remorse, which lends itself to self evaluation, asking what went wrong, how did I have a part in the mistake and what could or should have been done better. The importance of mistake making as it relates to humanity and each one of us on an individual level is that spiritual growth happens for us when we make mistakes. The lessons we learn from goofing up generally tend to shape our character, the  “who” we are and “who” we become then gives us our own set of parameters on the “how to” of living.

 If this article only addressed recounting all of my own personal mistakes it would become a novel. I won’t write that novel today, but I will definitely sum up, that all of my wisdom comes from my personal life experiences. I am wise because I have lived through heaven and hell in my 28 years and boy have those years given me some serious education of the school of hard knocks. If I seem wise, its only because I have made many mistakes, and I have learned through these experiences how to find the silver lining and apply the lesson learned on a go forward basis. Part of this lived life learning is shared with the responsibly to transfer the wisdom. It’s a poor cliché but when a parent says to the child, “Do as I say not as I do,” sums up what I am trying to describe here, which is a moral duty to share the hardest life lessons we have learned with others so that they too may not only help us get through these challenging times, but so others may be armed with the lessons learned and avoid making the same mistakes, not so that they can avoid mistakes all together.

Mistake making is a part of life. The most important lessons from making mistakes not to repeat are the ones that are harmful to yourself and others and to forgive yourself and those who have made mistakes against you. 


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