Monthly Archives: January 2013

Close the door

I don’t need you to love me
I don’t need you to make me live
I don’t need you to provide
I don’t want you to give
I just want you to listen
To hear what’s in your heart
I just want you to feel
The feelings we feel
when we are together
when we are apart
I don’t want you to tell me you can
Because I know that you will not
I don’t want to hear that forgiveness is impossible.
I know that its the only way to set me free.



Intense dreams, I want to scream. What the hell does it all mean? It’s scary and serine. Crazy ideas, coming from Completely, unexpected places. With lovely have-familiar faces, but trapped, in subconscious suitcases. What is destiny? What is fate? Did I just not peg the right soul mate? What the hell should I do, now I’m broken in two, I’m asleep and awake, Over one little date Over a year ago now. How much is chance? How much is choice? Did I fuck it all up or is going after it not even a choice It’s not very clear, But I hear a voice, inside of me say, just follow your dreams and you’ll wake up some day, it will all be ok.