Love Relationships and Passion Unpacked

I think in navigating the world as a single lady it’s important to nail down what love and relationships and passion mean to me. So here are my confessions, the confessions of a bold single sally who is truly a romantic at heart. I admit I do admire physical beauty and attractiveness but a person’s appearance does blind me to the beauty in his soul.

My preference first off is straightforward simplicity in a relationship. I want my partner to tell me the truth at all times. In return, I am scrupulously honest even when if it hurts. My energies are vigorous and enthusiastic, and in a love I place the highest value on spiritedness and the setting to affect my mood. Pretentiousness is not required but genuine caring and expressions of love always keep me feeling lovely tell my mother. However that said, I need a partner who will respond to tenderness as much as passion and someone who deals with problems by getting to the heart of the matter to come up with solutions. While I can be attracted to individuals who are well-known and who are outstanding in their professional field I mean I like success and ambition, but respect that these measures are not all that matter. I insist to make a distinction between my partner’s personal needs and emotions and his achievements or reputation. I would be most satisfied with an all-around person whose accomplishments and qualities are not just physical but extend in many directions.

It is not the specifics of loving that hooks me in, as much as it is the sheer joy of mutual participation. Finding out about his likes and dislikes keeps things interesting for me, so if there is nothing to learn, things fall flat and so the uneventful relationship becomes boring for me. The continual change and growth is what keeps me interested and creative in love and relationships, the turbulence of passion rocks my world, as long as no one is getting hurt, and we both know where we stand. I feel like it is the push and pull which helps bring out the best each-other, or at least it should.

Love is endless for me. Once I love you I always love you. Even if that love changes. I do not normally rush into a love affair; instead prefer to build it more strategically and in careful stages. I don’t commit lightly, but when I give my word, I stand by it, particularly to a commitment given in love. I am more comfortable with a long-term affair it gives me plenty of time to structure the relationship. I have an infectious quality about me, and will say I am an introverted yet very social at the same time. The extremities require periods of robustness as well as retreat.  I am a born leader in good times and bad. I require my partner to be my equal.

I am most adept at caring and feeding the mind, body and soul of my lover, and I will go to great lengths to find out exactly what makes them happy. I spend a lot of effort to provide that happiness in whatever way I can, and will go over the top for those that deserve it. At times I have done this too much so, at the risks of my own likes and dislikes. Giving and receiving gifts is about being thoughtful, and particularly hand-made presents, is very a potent expression of love for me.  That homemade card melts my heart. The boutique of wild flowers might as well be a dozen red roses. A photo album or play list keeps me in those moments when my love is not with me. Most men are not as observant as me, but I won’t hold that against anyone who at least makes an effort. I put the highest value on a lover who reciprocates this type of show don’t tell mentality

I am a person of great emotional substance. I am a friend and lover that can always be depended on, even in difficult times. I have an excellent shoulder to cry on.  I am not easily or quickly angered, but once provoked justify, I am a formidable antagonist. While I forgive, I have a long memory. A patient and understanding partner who is not easily put off is likely best suited.

Love, passion and relationships are like sports; stamina, strength and rules are required. Unlike sports no one is out to win or lose.

Sincerely- Single Sally. Holding out for Mr. Right

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