Google Yourself – You might find a media article you never did an interview for

I admit. I do it. I Google myself. Here is what I found. I think they snacked a radio interview I did with the Hawk. I don’t recall talking to that news medium. And I would know I was working as both a reporter and a Co-op person then.

Gotta love lazy journalism. 

My published quote: 

“This is a great announcement for St FX. Our students will have more opportunity to work in more diverse sectors,” says Ashley Kowalewski, St. FX co-op adviser. “It also puts our post-graduates in the position where employers may retain them as employees. In addition, it will help retain our educated students with a year of professional experience in the region.”

What I may have actually said, ” This is a great announcement for all Co-op students in the province, who will have more access to diverse work terms. As well it will help to position the region to better retain students recruited to NS as part of the future work force.”

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