No Frackin Way.

Fracking. What is all of the fuss about? Well it’s a method of resource extraction. It uses copious amounts of water. It is deemed to contaminate water tables and create sink holes in areas where this form of resource extraction is conducted. No big deal. Right? Wrong.

Here is Tatamagouche, people are saying frig right off to fracking in the area. People are vocal and against the efforts in this rural Nova Scotia neck of the woods.

I think they have a point. I think we should all be concerned about this. I’m not going to dooms day anyone here but when you mess around with mother nature she can mess back. Be aware and concerned about what is going on in your back yard.

Check out the frackin tracker for Canada and US (

Here is a Fracking song  worth a listen- I am not saying I support this organization. The song is an interesting piece. I agree songs have powerful abilities to get people on the peace train.

Give a Frack!

Fracking is no friend to H20.

Fracking is a growing concern among people educated about its risks.

Fracking is expanding in almost every province across Canada.

Fracking is f*cking with the earth’s crust

Fracking is like asking earthquake anyone?


Sink NS and Tsunami? No thanks.

Just frack off Fracking! You are definitely not Lovely Tell Your Mother.

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