Breaking bad

They say it takes 21 one days to break a bad habit. I am not sure I agree. It feels like forever. I just can’t shake certain things that I consider bad habits.

They just linger. I am going to do a personal social experiment. After  posting my own faults to the world, in 21 days, I’m going to come back and re-read this post, and figure out my action plan on how to break all of the following bad habits;

Bad Habit #1- Dirty smoker…

Smoking. It kills. It stinks. And it’s totally counterproductive to everything about me. Although I feel the time to have a total body detox is drawing closer but I am not ready just yet. It needs to go. It’s not like I’m dedicated to evil big tobacco and have a motto like; “Hey take my f’n money and send me to an early grave,” so this is one bad habit that has to go.

Bad Habit #2- Worry Wart….

Caring what other people think. After all, I am CEO of A Team Inc. We are smart, brave and kind. No external affirmations required. When I allow this bad habit to creep in, it just brings me down. What I really want to say to myself and others is, “I’m the only girl sorting this sh*t out, if you’d like too, feel free to assume the stress which comes with it,” revert back to excuse for bad habit #1.

Bad Habit #3- X-Factor Flashbacks…

Allowing others to tell me information about people no longer in my life. Then  allowing that information to affect at all.  Especially because it brings up all of the reasons they that these people got the axe and are longer in your life. Like honestly, why does it grind my gears that my X is sporting a shirt and tie now, when I have to fight with him for jeans. It should not matter. Me to myself, “Out with the bad- in with the good.”

Bad Habit #4-Overanalytical Annie…

I am sometimes too intelligent for my own good. I over think everything. Time to separate the doer from the dreamer. Books are great, research is wonderful, but I need to learn to make decisions quicker. This is related to everything. Me to myself; “find and follow the gut.”

About lovelytellyourmother

CEO of A-Team Inc. Smart. Brave. Kind.

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