Social media class post- that awkward moment

I don’t mind watching Ava singing I was born this way on the radio along with Lady Gaga. When I see this icon in a photo wearing a meat dress, and promoting this to her millions of followers accurately right now she has 20904838 Twitter followers right now- this is malleable), I see this as a spectacle, one that is run through a media machine. So in a sense, I view Lady Gaga as an entire enterprise surrounding the icon. This organizations objective is to transcend online or virtual space and user’s time as a commodity with social media this post will look at Twitter. She is alternately following this many people back, as of now- 139553 she has two favorites, and surprising a quiet amount of tweets sitting at 1307 messages. Gaga appears to only tweet when she is in it to win it, or maybe just provide a portal to online monitoring more so than open communication, or rather more targeted selected mediated messages. Most recent tweet- “last night drank in my bedroom, friends cheered+ I did my routine for Black Jesus. I used to do this my parents when I was 12. Still a ham. “

Twitter Spectacles – GAGA- less is more- do one or two stunts, don’t promote it and let your followers do your work for you. Less artistic expression more media machine- hence why it is a corporation.

Tweeted 5 hrs ago by Squirreky_Gaga@ladygaga when I drive with my meat dress, people look and I say I WAS BORN THIS WAY BABY!AND GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES

ReTweeted March 12- jakeymaid RT 2holthemole:I met @ladygaga in my dream last night and we were bith walking around in our meat dresses #loving life #bff

This is just some evidence that even though something “so yesterday” the meat dress, is in fact at present becoming part of online Twitter vernacular and is taking up our time, and the online space and turning this into a profit for all of the stakeholders. 2 minutes ago it’s posted that Gaga is vowing silence. No more interviews. It could be a prank or a stunt- either way; it’s being tweeted about it. Maybe I do mind Ava singing this song or any other song created and manufactured by a corporation. I sort of feel helpless now that I think about it- protection from media penetration . Awkward moment when you realize Gaga infiltrates your existence.

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