Congrats to me and all my readers.

We have made it to 500 views. That certainly is lovely tell your mother. Who the heck are you people that care what I think anyways? I still find it sort of amazing that I even have 5 views.

I am sheepish in saying that I have been super lazy in my blogging. I have a great number of excuses. Being a student I am great at coming up with them, so here we go, I am in the final two weeks of my final full time semester of graduate studies. I have been in job search-interview mode, and I am frantically trying to soul search for the next big leep in life. Not to mention I am a widowed single mom- which means no off-time, so I am mommy-ing it up all the time. Can I get a heck yes? But all excuses aside, I am so thrilled to have ceased my blog boycott with the start of 2012. I am very happy to be a blogger. After 3 months I can effectively say I have graduated from experimental to novice. I really look forward to getting back into some serious blogging once my final papers are done.

To be perfectly honest, I am sort of tired of not having lots time for my kiddo, about being judged and evaluated on a particular professors (nothing is objective anymore), I am sort of tired of never not having something that I should be doing. I am sort of tired of living in romantic student poverty. All whines aside, I’m so grateful for the chance to fall off the face of the real world and get lost in learning for a while.

While grad school can certainly take a hit on your finances, frame of mind, free time and friendships (yea people don’t like all your philosophical babble about world issues so much) it certainly won’t be knocked for royally messing with my brain. My mind used mussels it never knew it had in the last 8 months. I know I have grown as a person, professional and scholar. To be perfectly honest once more, I don’t think this graduate degree is going to be a gosh darn thing about my employability factor. On the contrary it could totally mess me up and make me over-qualified and under experienced. Hiring managers might have 30 years of experience and not even one degree, they might see my scholarly achievements as being ‘too academic,’ in the crappiest labour market and youth employment rates since basically the depression, I knew the risks before I got going. But I did not care. I love to learn.

I know I am not ever ever going to get tired of learning. Despite all the naysayers, I’m coming up to my victory lap. I am following the path that I want to take, I have no regrets, and I don’t even care if it gets me a better job right now. In the long run, my passion for learning will eventually set me aside from the pack. Find your passion for learning. Share it with the world.

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