Twitter me this …

Once again my love for the CBC opens my ears and mind, and excites me in a way, completely unrelated to most people I know.

Twitter me this twitter me that- why oh why did I boycott that. Robert Amsterdam and George Strombo both tweeted with me this week. #epic.

I boycotted Twitter for so long. It was personal, every time I heard the word tweet I wanted to cringe. Who do these self-important people think they are, telling me every 30 seconds in 140 characters or less who they are, what they are doing and why it’s important.  Now I am one. And I’m never going back to BT (BEFORE TWITTER).

Why the hell would these two guys tweeting with me mean a dam thing to me or anyone else.

Robert Amsterdam is an international business lawyer who just happens to always work for the underdogs of dictators, who has some balls in a world of big bad players and who has the courage to work for causes he believes in, for clients he believes in, in countries where corruption is rampant – no big deal. He thanked me for saying he had a great interview. Excuse me, thank you for giving humanity some hope that someone gives a crap about justice and due process. Check this guy out. He clearly have a conscious, or is very good at making me believe he does.

Good old George, one of my best friends Lindsay met him in a Alberta Airport Lounge one time and it totally should have been me. Some people poke fun at the VJ days but I have respect- the guy got his cake and got to eat it too this week, and let’s just say he makes media, politics and “the real world’ relevant to youth and I like that.  I also like the diversity of the guests on his show. But please George slow down on the cue card reading… just sayin that what teleprompters are for.

So thanks twitter for connecting me to people that I aspire to be like. Thank you for having a random abyss for which this little ole communicator can get follows and shout outs from the likes of her everyday heros.

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