Living life like we are in the Promised Land,

Not realizing the stakes at hand,

We through our cares away,

Worry about things another day,

But change is already here and near,

We must not wait, but fear; Mass consuming so rapid and fast.

We can not think that it could possibly last.

To live the lives that we lead,

And co-exist with the world we need.

Not caring about preservation for tomorrow,

Leaving depletion, pollution, and sorrow

We destroy the things that we need the most,

Think technology is the wave to coast,

But the heart of the matter lies with You and with me

The future is for us to make and see,

If we don’t rearrange our way of life,

Our planet as we know it will be in strife,

Much like a body cures itself of sickness,

Old Mother Earth too will clean herself of ugliness,

To ourselves we must not lie,

We can’t start all over,

but we can try To do our best to pure the earth,

And treat our home for what’s it worth.

Would you stash waste and rumble on your lawn?

Give our home to the future with a new dawn,

Bequest generations a nice place to live and be,

The people who we are: so lucky and free.

And to live life righteously and do your best,

Regardless of the efforts from the rest.
Our planet is our home for a short time to hold,

However Earth herself is so subliminally old,

Her story is a roller-coaster ride to be told

Her love, affection, and health can’t be sold So start your own revolution.

Be Bold!

And she’ll allow us humans to have a home to hold

About lovelytellyourmother

CEO of A-Team Inc. Smart. Brave. Kind.

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