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Social media class post- that awkward moment

I don’t mind watching Ava singing I was born this way on the radio along with Lady Gaga. When I see this icon in a photo wearing a meat dress, and promoting this to her millions of followers accurately right now she has 20904838 Twitter followers right now- this is malleable), I see this as a spectacle, one that is run through a media machine. So in a sense, I view Lady Gaga as an entire enterprise surrounding the icon. This organizations objective is to transcend online or virtual space and user’s time as a commodity with social media this post will look at Twitter. She is alternately following this many people back, as of now- 139553 she has two favorites, and surprising a quiet amount of tweets sitting at 1307 messages. Gaga appears to only tweet when she is in it to win it, or maybe just provide a portal to online monitoring more so than open communication, or rather more targeted selected mediated messages. Most recent tweet- “last night drank in my bedroom, friends cheered+ I did my routine for Black Jesus. I used to do this my parents when I was 12. Still a ham. “

Twitter Spectacles – GAGA- less is more- do one or two stunts, don’t promote it and let your followers do your work for you. Less artistic expression more media machine- hence why it is a corporation.

Tweeted 5 hrs ago by Squirreky_Gaga@ladygaga when I drive with my meat dress, people look and I say I WAS BORN THIS WAY BABY!AND GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES

ReTweeted March 12- jakeymaid RT 2holthemole:I met @ladygaga in my dream last night and we were bith walking around in our meat dresses #loving life #bff

This is just some evidence that even though something “so yesterday” the meat dress, is in fact at present becoming part of online Twitter vernacular and is taking up our time, and the online space and turning this into a profit for all of the stakeholders. 2 minutes ago it’s posted that Gaga is vowing silence. No more interviews. It could be a prank or a stunt- either way; it’s being tweeted about it. Maybe I do mind Ava singing this song or any other song created and manufactured by a corporation. I sort of feel helpless now that I think about it- protection from media penetration . Awkward moment when you realize Gaga infiltrates your existence.


Congrats to me and all my readers.

We have made it to 500 views. That certainly is lovely tell your mother. Who the heck are you people that care what I think anyways? I still find it sort of amazing that I even have 5 views.

I am sheepish in saying that I have been super lazy in my blogging. I have a great number of excuses. Being a student I am great at coming up with them, so here we go, I am in the final two weeks of my final full time semester of graduate studies. I have been in job search-interview mode, and I am frantically trying to soul search for the next big leep in life. Not to mention I am a widowed single mom- which means no off-time, so I am mommy-ing it up all the time. Can I get a heck yes? But all excuses aside, I am so thrilled to have ceased my blog boycott with the start of 2012. I am very happy to be a blogger. After 3 months I can effectively say I have graduated from experimental to novice. I really look forward to getting back into some serious blogging once my final papers are done.

To be perfectly honest, I am sort of tired of not having lots time for my kiddo, about being judged and evaluated on a particular professors (nothing is objective anymore), I am sort of tired of never not having something that I should be doing. I am sort of tired of living in romantic student poverty. All whines aside, I’m so grateful for the chance to fall off the face of the real world and get lost in learning for a while.

While grad school can certainly take a hit on your finances, frame of mind, free time and friendships (yea people don’t like all your philosophical babble about world issues so much) it certainly won’t be knocked for royally messing with my brain. My mind used mussels it never knew it had in the last 8 months. I know I have grown as a person, professional and scholar. To be perfectly honest once more, I don’t think this graduate degree is going to be a gosh darn thing about my employability factor. On the contrary it could totally mess me up and make me over-qualified and under experienced. Hiring managers might have 30 years of experience and not even one degree, they might see my scholarly achievements as being ‘too academic,’ in the crappiest labour market and youth employment rates since basically the depression, I knew the risks before I got going. But I did not care. I love to learn.

I know I am not ever ever going to get tired of learning. Despite all the naysayers, I’m coming up to my victory lap. I am following the path that I want to take, I have no regrets, and I don’t even care if it gets me a better job right now. In the long run, my passion for learning will eventually set me aside from the pack. Find your passion for learning. Share it with the world.

You are what you eat

Watch this. MONSANTO is of interest. Just saying.

Excuse me while I find my higher self …

Kids say the dandiest things. The kids in the tub the other day and I am on bench seat studying. She looks at me and says, “Mommy God told me everything I needed to know before I was hatched (born) but that I was going to forget it all and this is the point in living to learn it all over again.” We are not overly religious, we are both baptized and the Jesus version of Christmas suits me far better than the capitalistic version, so we dance around the pond of religion dipping our toes in when it suits our needs. So what? But seriously, this is just one example, the kid is spitting out enlightenment like it’s her job.

I read the book Life After Death The Burden of Proof by Deepak Chopra.  It’s worth a read.  I will read other things by this author.  A statement on p 162 really resonates with me and my take on my child. And other experiences I have had with her in the last 5 years which like the tub convo is unexplainable and also amazing and terrifying all at the same time. I have also recent met a medicine woman who is having a profound experience on me through her stories and wisdoms and turning me onto literature on astrology. This all tied to what the kid is saying; maybe it is all pre-determined. Maybe what Deepak says about spiritual levels is not so crazy and maybe religion and PR really were just created to control the people.

I have so much more to say on all of this. This is just a taste tester. I am procrastinating from studying but I am feeling great about digging deeper. I hope this inspires you to do the same.  Stay tuned.

Twitter me this …

Once again my love for the CBC opens my ears and mind, and excites me in a way, completely unrelated to most people I know.

Twitter me this twitter me that- why oh why did I boycott that. Robert Amsterdam and George Strombo both tweeted with me this week. #epic.

I boycotted Twitter for so long. It was personal, every time I heard the word tweet I wanted to cringe. Who do these self-important people think they are, telling me every 30 seconds in 140 characters or less who they are, what they are doing and why it’s important.  Now I am one. And I’m never going back to BT (BEFORE TWITTER).

Why the hell would these two guys tweeting with me mean a dam thing to me or anyone else.

Robert Amsterdam is an international business lawyer who just happens to always work for the underdogs of dictators, who has some balls in a world of big bad players and who has the courage to work for causes he believes in, for clients he believes in, in countries where corruption is rampant – no big deal. He thanked me for saying he had a great interview. Excuse me, thank you for giving humanity some hope that someone gives a crap about justice and due process. Check this guy out. He clearly have a conscious, or is very good at making me believe he does.

Good old George, one of my best friends Lindsay met him in a Alberta Airport Lounge one time and it totally should have been me. Some people poke fun at the VJ days but I have respect- the guy got his cake and got to eat it too this week, and let’s just say he makes media, politics and “the real world’ relevant to youth and I like that.  I also like the diversity of the guests on his show. But please George slow down on the cue card reading… just sayin that what teleprompters are for.

So thanks twitter for connecting me to people that I aspire to be like. Thank you for having a random abyss for which this little ole communicator can get follows and shout outs from the likes of her everyday heros.


Living life like we are in the Promised Land,

Not realizing the stakes at hand,

We through our cares away,

Worry about things another day,

But change is already here and near,

We must not wait, but fear; Mass consuming so rapid and fast.

We can not think that it could possibly last.

To live the lives that we lead,

And co-exist with the world we need.

Not caring about preservation for tomorrow,

Leaving depletion, pollution, and sorrow

We destroy the things that we need the most,

Think technology is the wave to coast,

But the heart of the matter lies with You and with me

The future is for us to make and see,

If we don’t rearrange our way of life,

Our planet as we know it will be in strife,

Much like a body cures itself of sickness,

Old Mother Earth too will clean herself of ugliness,

To ourselves we must not lie,

We can’t start all over,

but we can try To do our best to pure the earth,

And treat our home for what’s it worth.

Would you stash waste and rumble on your lawn?

Give our home to the future with a new dawn,

Bequest generations a nice place to live and be,

The people who we are: so lucky and free.

And to live life righteously and do your best,

Regardless of the efforts from the rest.
Our planet is our home for a short time to hold,

However Earth herself is so subliminally old,

Her story is a roller-coaster ride to be told

Her love, affection, and health can’t be sold So start your own revolution.

Be Bold!

And she’ll allow us humans to have a home to hold