It was a necessary preventative measure

It’s not like I am depressed or in dyer straights for retail therapy. It was a proactive winter blah pick-me-up, but even still, there are just sometimes, that a girl needs Turbine time. And it has to be said, yesterday was that day for me.

If you care at all about Fashion, and live in the east coast of Canada, and don’t live under a large heavy bolder, you’re well aware of such occasions, and are sitting there saying amen sista friend. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it’s okay, stop reading, go here ( ), and then come back. Turbine makes me happy, happy, and happy! It is absolutely lovely tell your mother.

Sometimes you need to be cozy, and yes, you do not have to forgo fashion to do it. For the record, I would like to see trend of jogging pants and salt stained Uggs fade from my memory bank entirely, seriously ladies save it for shoveling. So my shopping theme for the day was modern classic relaxed wear- from the playground to office with the right finesse and back again kind of deal. So enough suspension right, what the heck did I get?

I am the proud new owner of a black signature asymmetric dress. It’s a wardrobe staple and needed to be added to the rotation. This piece is applicable in every season. Add tights, lose tights, layer up, layer down, change flats for heels..etc…lather, rinse, and repeat, as necessary. I have the signature asymmetric dress in a brown slinky material. But I needed one that was a bit more hazardous life friendly.  When I can keep it dirty hand print free, my brown asymmetric dress matched with my brown Turbine obi belt, keeps me turning heads. But being a self-admitted sloth at times, my new asymmetric might just be a bit more forgiving, so I am thrilled. I also purchased a perfect fitting pair of light silver satin yoga pants. They remind me of days-gone-bye favorite linen pants that sadly shrunk, (RIP linen pants). The Turbine yoga pant was like a breath of fresh air to me because this pair was made for the long leg challenged. This almost never happens. But the beauty pants, cried out to me just lingering on a rack at 80% off. How does this even happen? My lucky day! I said- heck yes!

So who is the woman behind the Turbine madness, Lisa Drader Murphy, the beauty and brains behind the label. Why is her stuff so amazing for this mind, body and soul? To be honest, writing this, I feel slightly sheepish about not even accurately capturing the actual amazingness, as Wayne and Garth might say, “I’m not worthy.” But here I go- with you the reader in mind- share the story, share the happy. Lisa is Alberta born, resident of Nova Scotian.  This forward-thinking designer has touched many lives. It’s not just because her stuff is fan-effin-tastic, it’s more because her premise and approach separates her from the pack.

The label is built on women empowerment. It’s centered on ideas that women should feel confident, assertive, beautiful, and sexy no matter their age, or body type.  So today I say who needs a man to do this, when all you really need is just a lill Turbine Time?

Further to all this good news, Lisa took her thriving label from the heart of downtown Calgary and came to the east coast. Ahhh gee-thanks for thinking about lill ole have-not NS, (insert sarcasm here). I really don’t like the negative intrinsic view the people in this province, but Lisa eats that bad attitude for breakfast. She has that perfect mix of artistic vision and business sense. This is hard to find. Many great artists completely lack the ability to make a sustainable business model. She knows that in a tough economy, as an artist and business lady, it’s the customers who count. She is one of the few entrepreneurs who truly loves what she does, and brings this passion to create happiness for supporters.

The product itself is unbeatable in quality. It’s made from real material (not synthetic crap) and who knew that this still existed? While quality fabric is not yet completely extinct, it is hard to find. So Lisa scouts the world for vintage wools, silks, and unique prints and the type of soft feeling things that you just don’t find anywhere else. What’s even more, is that her designs are produced in (rural) and picturesque Falmouth NS, in a converted apple barn; but aside from the design studio being a buzz of creative energy, the whole property screams inspiration and tranquility and it is just so lovely overall that you’re sad to leave each time.

What’s the best part is how I became aware of the wonder of Turbine- through volunteer work. The Turbine fund has donated over a million dollars to local and unrecognized charities, and does it like it’s no big deal (Holla for happy like its no big deal!). Turbine time just helps me work towards a better view that not all business is evil- its reminds me that success helps the people who care give  back in bigger and better ways.


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