Gender – decisions, desires, and the power of persuasion.

I heart the CBC. I don’t care how much it makes me look old. I can’t even lie. CBC for life.

This morning listening to Under the Influence series by Terry O’Reilly Men are from Sears- Women are from Bloomingdales cracks me up, but it also really brings about some pretty epic questions; Is the way that men and women shop really linked to biological and evolutionary traits?Is the world economy really driven by women who hold the buying power (even if the men statistically are the bigger bread winners) who shop an estimated 8 years of their life?

On the first question, it makes sense to assume that biological and evolutionary traits affect many major decisions both men and women make (related to career choices, selection of mates, etc). But shopping? Really… is that why girls go out and purchase gifts for their mate light years ahead of the men? Is that why retail stores cater to women? Are women groomed to enjoy shopping by their mothers and reinforced to make it a national past time by shows like Sex in the City and What Not to Wear? Are guys then groomed to make more tactical shopping decisions…like what’s the better gas mileage when vehicle shopping, and which Tec gadget is the best bang for the buck?

Ok let’s assume this 8 years of the life spent shopping by women is true (I like how Terry’s parents totally attack this fact at the end of the episode via voice mail- maybe that tibit was not so lovelytellyour mother Terry), but yes it might be possible, we have to feed, clothe and provide for ourselves and our families- but I wonder how much of the money and time do we spend on essentials versus extras… if we educate more women about the power of influence and persuasion on her buying decisions (say with respect to ecofriendly cleaners, and more socially responsible companies) can we then try to make a better society?  I mean I hear a lot of men bashing on the side of women who say they run the world…but if we control the buying power… then maybe this is just a big fallacy and a way to point blame at the opposite gender for the mucky state of the world.

I don’t want to shop at Sears or Bloomingdales from listening or writting on this series, and I hope you don’t either, but I definitely have a lot of thinking to do that the role of gender plays on our decisions, desires, and the power of persuasion and I hope you do also.

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