Privacy, self-disclosure, and the truth

I am not going to explain or deconstruct privacy, self-disclosure and truth (all massive complexities which could never be unpacked in their entirety in one measly blog post), I hope to just get us all just to think more about them a bit more, and what they mean to us individually.

Okay I am admit all perceptions and narrations have bias, mine included. This is why in courts of law physical evidence is such a profound development in the search for justice related truths, and even this does not prevail all the time look at cases where known criminals are let free with blatant and public evidence stating otherwise…anyways… most times when hard core evidence or truth is staring you in the face it just slaps you codfish across the face- hello why did I not see something so self-evident.  But what about the stubble clues in the social court of no authority, where there are no rules, no systems for processing evidence on crimes against people? What about when privacy, self disclosure and the truth all backfire on you?

As a global community, our sense of privacy is narrowed down to what we do behind closed doors with the shades down when no one else is looking. Maybe I am being dramatic, but I feel like more and more, our privacy is not ours. The idea of Big Brother might not just be Orwellian. Just Google yourself to see what I mean- and like who said the Christmas party video of you dancing like Elaine should be on Facebook? Even behind closed doors privacy is not always sacred because some of our more intimate moments occur during our development of interpersonal relationships. We try to build trust between ourselves and others by  sharing just to ‘get to know each other’.  And just when you think you are safe, anyone can tell the details of these intimate encounters to their friends, family, or blog readers (I mean I did- Your just not my type). Should we convert back to written accounts tucked under our pillows to keep our secretes safe? Or should we make trust extinct- just simply accept that it is not likely?

I think we share details about ourselves more than just to be talking (most of us), I think disclosure is intended to help problem solve, define our ideas of self, garner advice and also make more intimate connections with others as mentioned above about who we are, and what we do. We probably have all told someone something at some point that we shouldn’t. Or how about being the person whose trust was betrayed? I think both shoes fit on everyone’s foot. The difference between general discussion and gossip after all is a fine line- if it exists at all.

“There are three sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth,” I remember the words as clear as day when I first heard them but I can’t remember who said it. Regardless, I repeat it all the time. Our need to relate to others and our need to become close with people also makes us vulnerable. Where is the balance in a technological age, where a break-up becomes a blog post? Who’s right is more important, the right to express oneself or the right to have your business be your own- where is the line between someone else’s experience becoming a part of your own narrative?  If it’s not lovely tell your mother- should we even bother tell anyone else ever?

Be Smart, be brave and be kind. This is my motto. I need to repeat this over and over and over in my head all the time. Do good, as often as possible! Put as much good out into the world. The power of positive thinking and all that jazz. I guess I’ll have to reconsider how I am incorporating this into my blogging. I don’t want to be a people basher or people pleaser, I feel like my human interactions are a main source of inspiration for my writing. I think I will continue to include others in my writing, with a more clarity. I have to consider the types of audience I am attracting- fans and critics alike, and with more attention to privacy, self-disclosure and the truth.

Comments welcome. Further human insight required on; privacy, self-disclosure and the truth.

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