“Remember how lovely we were…”

It’s not too often that I get excited about new music. I try to exercise a habit of making time for ‘new music’ (not on the top 40). I almost seem to be getting stuck in that ‘old and cranky’ phase with my music time. So in other words, my current music tastes are almost the same as in my formative years ( late teens and early 20’s). Essentially the same stuff still occupies 3 quarters of my music therapy play lists close to a decade later.

So if this is also you, or to anyone who cares, Lucy Rose is breaking down my old music routine. She is the next and greatest lill pixie princess of brit folk music I have ever heard. She is virtually undiscovered (under 1 million hits) but I certainly have been adding to her YouTube views steady since before Christmas when I accidentally and pleasantly discovered her. So begrudgingly I write this blog because I know Lucy will definitely catch on internatonally but for now relic knowing I knew before the masses.

Lucy Rose’s song Don’t you worry is soothing and rhythmic. Middle of the bed is cheeky and catchy melody…. “I’m over it…I’m over you…All over the time, I said I love you….” other noteworthy songs include; Scar, is healing and we should all, “Remember how lovely we were…” and Bikes, with the “oh don’t ya wanna know…is it any easier…” keeps me driving from the back seat. And last but not least Shiver… simple cords and a piercing unique and friendly voice…“just for you.”

This is what I am listening too while reading about social penetration theory and linguistics, and research and theories about meaning making… lots to stimulate my mind, body and soul today. Toe tapping sound aiding in the study process. A great local Canadian comparison might be in similar genre of music that Molly Thompson is making music out of Antigonish NS. Both female artist that you need to check out if you have never heard of them. I will enjoy them both before before they are mass consumed.

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