Closing business doors and opening windows for niche markets in rural NS

ImageI like a good deal. I have to be a practical patty. I am a widowed single mother grad student. Hello? So needless to say, I’m pretty flexible on how to achieve a good bargain. I can do retail, outlet, and designer (and I do) but my moral compass tells me that when you can- chose to buy local.

Just the other day I purchased a fab (and oddly exactly matching) coat and pashmina from my local sally ann..and for less than 7 dollars, who can complain? (Hopefully the photo uploads my score of my Tickel Trunk in Tata). And no, they were not in the window or even on the same rack.

Deep underneath the supposed superficiality of fashion, is where I live…where fashion is a means of personal expression. Where anyone no matter their economic situations can dress for their success, where the right fit and the right style, can launch people places they may have never thought possible. I have never had cash to burn. But I have built a wardrobe that includes pieces (both new and vintage) that take me where I want to go when the time calls for it. There is nothing for the rush of a great bargain, something that gives me pleasure to wear and confidence I need to live my life. Looking classy does not have to flashy.

While admitting that I was only window shopping the Boxing Day sales I am impressed by the ability of small fashion set ups to act like a barnacle in rural NS ad cling to life in uncertain economic times. Who says I need to forsake my passion for fashion with my PR guru and business sense.  Here is what I did pro bono yesterday to avoid being overwhelmed with grad school work…

Still a stop-and-shop place

Re: “Truro loses another century-old store” (Dec. 31).

The closing of Margolians, a Hub Town staple “stop and shop” for many Nova Scotians and visitors for a long time, does bring some nostalgia and sound alarms. But let’s focus on the up-side. Despite one store closing, there still is a reason to stop and shop in Truro, and I am impressed.

The place to stop is the mid-section of Prince, hosting a few choice clothing stores, such as B’s Knees and Lou Lou, and a consignment store across the street. Living in Tatamagouche, Truro can be the go-to place where I bank, or shop for things not found in the village.

I appreciate the vital economic impact that entrepreneurship brings to rural communities so we all don’t have to go to the city. Travellers still have options and reasons to stop and shop in Truro, and I have access to shop around for what I need without travelling. Win-win.

Ashley Kowalewski, Tatamagouche

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