Uncomfortable Food for Thought

This PSA has been haunting me since early December. It was part of a assignment for a MPR course in ethics.

The Government of Canada does not require labeling or sufficient ethical testing  of genetically modified foods or GMO.  Canada is a leading world producer of GMO crops, and it’s found in hundreds of everyday food items on almost all major grocery store shelves. Our government takes the stance that- if it looks like bread, it is bread, and does not want you the consumers to know the difference between bread with modified DNA, and bread without. Experts around the world believe that there is a lack of evidence to support that GMO is safe human consumption or the environment- and that negative effects include; irreversible changes to human DNA and biodiversity, organ damage and infertility. Over 40 nations have taken a stand to either ban or strictly regulate GMO labeling. Laws that regulate labeling promote informed consent by consumers. If you had the choice – would you choose GMO, or no GMO?  The point is you don’t have the choice. Members of the public take action. Become informed on this issue. Write to your member of parliament regarding your concerns on required ethical testing of food products, produced and sold in Canada and required labeling of GMO. Take your future back.


I just can’t honestly go into a store without thinking about much GMO am I buying. And also why are more people not concerned about this? Is the problem of affordably feeding a growing world population more important than caring about what it is we consume and produce? It’s not pretty and I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but what the hell is this stuff going to do to us? This is not so lovely. I tried to tell my mother…she did not want to hear it.

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