People don’t just bitch about it anymore, they blog about it.

I hopped on the New Year’s resolution train – I resolve to blog more bitch less.  So here I am, I’m going use this online diary format to air it out and late out of the gate in 2012 with my first ‘big girl blog’.  I had one as an undergrad course assignment years ago when most people did not know the term.  As a graduate student in public relations, I should be ashamed myself for procrastinating till now.  But with traditional new year’s resolution optimism I am here, and ready to commit myself to my goal.

Let’s start to unpack Lovely- tell your mother. I grew up in a rural coastal community and a math teacher I despised 2nd most of all teachers I ever had – used to say it all the time. It drove me bananas. It stuck in my head.  To quote a lyrical lady- I developed a negative into a positive.

In college people use to ask me in bars what my name was and I used my despised teachers saying as my alias. It went like this…Bar patron to me; “What’s your name? “, ‘Lovely’… “That’s different…what’s your last name?” … ‘Tell your mother’. End scene- exit stage left. I never felt that I’d meet my soul mate at a club or pub. Furthermore, Lovely tell your mother, soon became part of the daily vernacular among my intimate group of friends, meaning from anything from, great job, or a congrats, to a sarcastic jest about one’s bar star or smooth operator performance from the night before.  I always felt that with a bad British accent just saying it could summon a smile from a frown. It has since evolved.

 As a parent I use it endearingly to my kiddo, Lovely dear, tell your mother more. I use it try to build trust and respect and instigate open communication. It continues to evolve as an ethical scale for moral rationalizing about the world around me, I mean what do us people tell our mothers… we all have mothers… like them or love them or hate them, what do we tell them? Literally and figuratively. What do we wish to tell them… about ourselves…our world… our experiences?  And that’s just a start of what lovely tell your mother means to me or could mean to any of you out there reading these posts.

Lovely tell your mother is my life blog. The good. The bad. And the ugly. About whatever else it is I feel the need to blog about. Happy times to you other new year’s bandwagon jumpers; may you exercise more, smoke and drink less, or whatever else it may be that you have resolved to do. Wish me luck in my resolving to blog more, bitch less. Remember when trying to stick to new goals…no one will get you where you need to go but you- and that’s the best advice I have ever told myself too.  Let Lovely tell your mother be a blog worth bitchin about by you the readers, I encourage you to ask questions, start discussions and critique my poor spelling, grammar and punctuation without mercy.  

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CEO of A-Team Inc. Smart. Brave. Kind.

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  1. Great resolution, Ashley! I’m excited to see that you’re blogging. I’m sure there will be many more poignant and relevant posts to come. Now I must go call my mother…I’ve things to tell her.

  2. I just need a place to bitch… no one can ever understand what i go through everyday… can I bitch on your blog?

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